Web Design Services Maja MIleska

I am Maja Mileska

Web Designer

I transform the tricky web flows and overcrowded designs to elegant solutions that speak more than the words do. Processes are long and hard, the outcome is simple and perfect. I am very happy to be there if you need a nice web design.

Wireframing. Mockups. Prototyping

Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes may be just a baby step for the client, but they can be a huge one for a web development team.  My biggest passion is creating beautiful, innovative and eye-catchy design solutions following the strongest UX laws and standards.  This applies to both, web and mobile app designs.


A classic website skeleton that will solve the major user experience dillemas and questions.


A beautiful appeal of the wireframe containing written and visual content.


Fully clickable idea of the website. The final touch before making the website into code.

HTML/CSS coding and CMS Platforms

I can transform each design to HTML/CSS/JS code or a WordPress website. Regarding the rules that we don’t have to mention, the website is always responsive! So, a complete web design (web and mobile apps included) – from a sketch to code is another side that I am proud to show.

CSS, SCSS or Bootstrap

Mockup is not the final solution I can deliver.
I can transform the design in usable and responsive code.


Using a premium builders, I can transform the mockup
into usable WordPress website.

Graphic Design And 2D Animation

Designing websites definitely require good visuals. Whether we’re talking about the featured images, the blog images or any graphics a web design needs, there on my skill list! Despite the necessary experience, I also have the desire to work on graphical interpretations of content, visuals for advertisements and 2D animations.

Graphic Design

I can custom create graphics for website, blog posts,
ads and can prepare print materials for your promotions.

Simple 2D Animation

A short animated part or a simple motion is
how I can bring your graphic images to life.

UI/UX Design Portfolio

You can see most of my UI/UX work on my Dribbble profile.


My Success Stories

Maja did an amazing job for our organization’s website and logo. She is punctual, flexible, and shoots for perfection. Most importantly, she is a wonderful person to work with.

Brendan Schultz

President and ED, United By Love

I have been working with Maya on more than 15 projects and I am still engaging her service to design featured images for my blog posts. Not only the images are beautifully designed, they are also relevant to my blog topics. Maya’s creativity has allowed me to focus on the content creation. I can’t ask for a better person than her. Sincerely, Alvin Chew

Alvin Chew

Founder & CEO, Triomastery

Maya is an extremely dedicated team member who delivers quality designs. She is very talented and also a lovely person to have as part of the team. We highly recommend her!
Gabriel Both

Founder & CEO, Elemental Edge Digital

I love working with Maya!! She is a great communicator, very upbeat, professional and thorough. She went above and beyond what we expected. We will definitely hire her again!
Elizabeth Winheld

CEO, Women in Community

Thanks for refreshing our business website Maja. All of our existing customers reached out and said that it looks very easy to use and pretty attractive. 

Jane Risteski

Supervisor, Zurce Communications

I’m working with Maya for a long time now and I’m very satisfied with her flexibility, the quality and the response time. It’s a pleasure to work with her and I can totally recommend it!

Jannis Thümmig

Co-Founder, Ironikus