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Skip overcrowded designs.

Opt for a design that
works. attracts. makes you grow. is minimalistic.

I am Maja Mileska, UI/UX designer. I love transforming the tricky web flows and overcrowded designs to elegant and intuitive solutions. Processes are long and hard, the outcome is simple and perfect. I’d be very happy to connect.

A business makeover or
strong start

Each business is on a different stage of its growth. Maybe you’re just starting now. Together, we’ll build an unapologetically recognizable brand or digital presence.  Let’s make your business be impossible to be ignored. This is where I can help and fit in in your team.


Project Strategy

Project Positioning

Project Planning




Visual Identity


Product Design

UI/UX & Prototyping

Email Design

Product Packaging 




WordPress websites


Latest projects for my
lovely clients

No matter the size of the project, I am proud I was part of every single one. From a user flow simplification to visually improving old and impractical web designs, all of them resulted with positive change.

Delidao design
Design of LRT
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
Deliberry Website Design
Design of LRT
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
Shake your glass-web
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
radio_station_concept_2x_4x (1)
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer

Wireframing. Mockups.

Why would you need it? Getting a visual interpretation of the designer’s ideas will help you get a reliable impression of the website. And also, very smart way of cutting costs and bringing your product to the market faster. 


A classic website skeleton that will solve the major user expeience dillemas and


High fidelity solution of the wireframing
containing the witten and visual content
all together with strategically chosen color


Fully clickable idea of the website. The final
touch before making the website into code.

Web design buildout in

Want to see your custom-tailored design live? I can do that for you too!

Using the premium theme Divi, I can create a pixel-perfect translation of the design you chose. Wether was my design or not, I would be very happy to bring it alive.

The success stories you
want to know

Throughout the years, I’ve gathered positive feedback from 99% of my clients. Proud to be endorsed by such big leaders on the market. Their businesses vary from one another, but I can say that I would gladly work with all of them again.