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Simple is the new best.

I am Maja Mileska, UI/UX designer. I love transforming the tricky web flows and overcrowded designs to elegant and intuitive solutions. Processes are long and hard, the outcome is simple and perfect. I’d be very happy to connect.

A business makeover or
strong start

Each business is on a different stage of its growth. Maybe you’re just starting now. Together, we’ll build an unapologetically recognizable brand or digital presence.  Let’s make your business be impossible to be ignored. This is where I can help and fit in in your team.


Project Strategy

Project Positioning

Project Planning




Visual Identity


Product Design

UI/UX & Prototyping

Email Design

Product Packaging 




WordPress websites


Latest projects for my
lovely clients

No matter the size of the project, I am proud I was part of every single one. From a user flow simplification to visually improving old and impractical web designs, all of them resulted with positive change.

Design of LRT
Design of LRT
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
Deliberry Website Design
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
Romerike International School Maja designs
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer
radio_station_concept_2x_4x (1)
Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer

Wireframing. Mockups.

Why would you need it? Getting a visual interpretation of the designer’s ideas will help you get a reliable impression of the website. And also, very smart way of cutting costs and bringing your product to the market faster. 


A classic website skeleton that will solve the major user expeience dillemas and


High fidelity solution of the wireframing
containing the witten and visual content
all together with strategically chosen color


Fully clickable idea of the website. The final
touch before making the website into code.

Web design buildout in

Want to see your custom-tailored design live? I can do that for you too!

Using the premium theme Divi, I can create a pixel-perfect translation of the design you chose. Wether was my design or not, I would be very happy to bring it alive.

The success stories you
want to know

Throughout the years, I’ve gathered positive feedback from 99% of my clients. Proud to be endorsed by such big leaders on the market. Their businesses vary from one another, but I can say that I would gladly work with all of them again.

Maja did an amazing job for our organization’s website and logo. She is punctual, flexible, and shoots for perfection. Most importantly, she is a wonderful person to work with.

Brendan Schultz

President and ED, United By Love

I have been working with Maya on more than 15 projects and I am still engaging her service to design featured images for my blog posts. Not only the images are beautifully designed, they are also relevant to my blog topics. Maya’s creativity has allowed me to focus on the content creation. I can’t ask for a better person than her. Sincerely, Alvin Chew

Alvin Chew

Founder & CEO, Triomastery

Maya is an extremely dedicated team member who delivers quality designs. She is very talented and also a lovely person to have as part of the team. We highly recommend her!

Gabriel Both

Founder & CEO, Elemental Edge Digital

In the post-Covid world, work forces have gone remote allowing us access to work with global talent. Maja is not only fluent in English but Western Culture and her overall Tech/Design IQ is not only amazingly strong but at par with global standards. Working with her is a No-Brainer! Highly Recommended. But not too highly or else you’ll steal her from us !

Joseph Shair

Co-Founder, Cookin App

I love working with Maya!! She is a great communicator, very upbeat, professional and thorough. She went above and beyond what we expected. We will definitely hire her again!

Elizabeth Winheld

CEO, Women in Community

Thanks for refreshing our business website Maja. All of our existing customers reached out and said that it looks very easy to use and pretty attractive. 

Jane Risteski

Supervisor, Zurce Communications

I’m working with Maya for a long time now and I’m very satisfied with her flexibility, the quality and the response time. It’s a pleasure to work with her and I can totally recommend it!

Jannis Thümmig

Co-Founder, Ironikus

I love working with Maja. This is my second project. She is helpful and very communicative. I highly recommend her! I will be continuing to work with her.

Sarah Pearson

Founder & CEO, PeakSolutions Team

The very best, really. Went above and beyond. Thank you!

Nics Frey

Founder & CEO, Zee.elle