I’m Maja Mileska

A Web Designer

I love talking visually. Flat, simple and minimalistic designs are what attract me the most. As a non-coffee drinker, I loudly can say that creativity wakes me up. Scroll down to see how this all started.

Get to know me better

Maja Mileska UiUX Designer

I’m Maja Mileska, a creative web designer who is totally dedicated to composing fresh and modern web and mobile prototypes, mockups, and visuals that will make your website speak louder than a thousand words stories.
I started as a web designer that included coding CSS/SASS and Bootstrap, but somehow I was more torn to the designing itself. I am specialized in making intuitive product flows and make complex data and long processes look pretty simple.

Apart from my design knowledge, I always try to enlarge the area of my expertise and understanding in different areas such as marketing, SEO and development. That way, I know how to plan the figures and requirements that will appear regarding marketing and SEO needs.

According to a Core Clarity test, my soft skills point out to expertly managing time, tasks and targets and organizing. I am disciplined, strategic, restorative (even in breakdowns, I see the opportunity to renovate, revive and restore), totally dedicated to the team and the company and able to understand and appreciate the motivation and action of the others. I always want to learn more and more. I thrive on infinite variety and availability of information.


Ten years ago, when my 16 years old friends were having their drinks at the bars, I was super excited making graphics and photo manipulations using Adobe Photoshop. That was my starting point when I’ve learned that design is my passion.

My first design job was a graphic designer in Letra Design Studio where I have learned all the basic rules of making flyers, brochures, business cards, and social media content

Later on, I started in a web development company called Populizr where I mastered WordPress and my coding skills in CSS/SASS, Bootstrap and the basics in Vue.js. I was a team lead of the development department and it helped me learn  a lot about planning projects, organazing tasks in Agile method.

Elemental Edge is a company that is working with professionals and it totally made my life even better when I started working as a Web Designer. There, I was working on creating intuitive and innovative web mockups and transformed them into functional WordPress websites.

Inteli Solutions is another web development company where I started my career as a UI/UX designer and I am proud I was working with the dev experts. I was making mockups and prototypes of new mobile apps and websites and worked on the visuals. With great collaboration with the colleagues, I extended my knowledge in a few other platforms than the standard web coding and I am very glad I had the chance to be part of their team.


“What always makes me happy is a happy client. It is a price for my spirit and motivates me to do even better and even more. “


Apps I use on a daily-basis

Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes may be just a baby step for the client, but they can be a huge one for a web development team.  My biggest passion is creating beautiful, innovative and eye-catchy design solutions following the strongest UX laws and standards.  This applies to both, web and mobile app designs.

Adobe XD

All beautiful design mockups and interactive prototypes happen in Adobe Experience Design.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator helps in creating all vector visuals and illustrations that complete the website look.

Adobe Photoshop

All beautiful photo manipulation visuals cannot happen without Photoshop.


Best application for maintaing a good designer-developer relationship.


A platform that helps the designer make a functional website without anoying a developer.


Keeping track of all ideas, important links, and corrections within one place.

My Experience- Graphically

I love talking visually. Flat, simple and minimalistic designs are what attract me the most. As a non-coffee drinker, I loudly can say that creativity wakes me up. Scroll down to see how this all started.

  • Graphic Design – 7 years
  • UI Design – 6 years
  • UX Design – 4 years
  • HTML/CSS – 7 years
  • WordPress – 5 years