Let’s meet each other 🥰!

I’m Maja Mileska
UI/UX Designer.

More like a t-shaped designer. I make intuitive, humanized user flows and
clean, modern and memorable web designs.


Hello there!
It is so nice to see you over here.

My name is Maja Mileska, enthusiastic and very energetic designer. My skillset of prototyping, visualizing and problem solver skills help me transform complex problems into elegant solutions.

I am so torn to the simplicity and minimalism just because elegance always pairs with them. I call myself a t-shaped designer just because I can start by strategizing about the project to final website buildout. Check the list belowto see what are the areas I can cover and help you through.

Everything is built via process and systems.

Designing process starts with finding who are you selling for and original mission of your company or product.

✅ In my process, I do User research, Market and Competition research that will help us define needs, desires and the problems users deal with. We should emphasize. Always 🧡

✅ Via affinity diagrams and mind maps, I structure and prioritize the features of the product. This helps the next step – Sketching the idea.
Using Adobe XD, I make wireframes, mockups, and a fully clickable prototype so based on the atomic research and the sketches.

If you need further assistance I can make the design live! Using WordPress and Divi theme.

✅ Branding or Rebranding. I will help you position your business on the market and build all necessary structural elements to innovate faster, discover new growth and business opportunities, translating the strategy into strong visual content using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

✅ Design to WordPress. Using the premium builders such as Divi by Elegant Themes, Thrive Architect, and Elementor, I can make the designs live, functional and all screens-ready!

✅ 3D product renders for your e-commerce. There are many cool ways of showing social proof of the quality of the products you are selling, and this one will flip a lot of sales!

✅ Creating social media visual content for you channels inclding Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Linkedin!



Where I completely fit?


Project Strategy

UI/UX Design

Design to WordPress


Mobile Apps Design

Web App Design

Graphic design

Logo And Identity

Motion Graphics

3D Product Render

Web Consultation

Web Audit

I also teach UI/UX lessons♥

If you are here to see some examples, motivation about design, I am 100% dedicated to bringing new qualitative faces in the design world.


I work on my skills every day. Glad to have the opportunity to improve myself ♥

maja mileska Uxcel certificate design accessibility
Design Composition 5CEVZ49Q7051-full maja mileska

Apps I use on a daily-basis

Designing needs a proper toolbox. These fit in mine.

Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer

Adobe XD

All beautiful design mockups and interactive prototypes happen in Adobe Experience Design.

Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator helps in creating all vector visuals and illustrations that complete the website look.

Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer

Adobe Photoshop

All beautiful photo manipulation visuals cannot happen without Photoshop.

Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer


Best application for maintaing a good designer-developer relationship.

majamileska wordpress


A platform that helps the designer make a functional website without anoying a developer.

majamileska figma

Figma + Figjam

Keeping track of all ideas, composing customer journey and astonishing designs.

Full Website design?

Everything is built via processes and systems. The designing process starts with finding who are you selling for and the original mission of your company or product. Let’s find the people that will buy from you 100%.

The experience in companies


Lead UI/UX Designer

UI/UX solutions for websites, web and mobile apps, and controlling the quality (quality control) of the work of the design team. Controlling the whole procedure from a user flow to full high-fidelity interactive web prototype.

Achievements: Improved my quality control skills.

Opensight UK

Head of Web Development

Leading the whole procedure from a client interview to a fully functional website as an end product. In meantime, composing UI/UX solutions for various clients. From a client interview, there they tell me what they have to last quality checking of the web development process. Working on user experience journeys and flow diagrams, then creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes in Adobe Xd. Managing the development process and team, measuring their effectiveness and productivity.

Achievements: Became a full t-shaped designer (UX, graphic design, project management, WordPress, marketing)

Company Testimonial:

“Quicky understood our project needs and delivered on time.”
– Simon, Co-Founder & CEO, Opensight

Further MK

UI/UX Designer

Working on user experience journeys and flow diagrams, then creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes in Adobe Xd. Drawing illustration in Adobe Illustrator for website showcase purposes.

Achievements: Got really good in Adobe Xd prototyping and animating, improved my user experience knowledge.

Elemental Edge Digital

Website Manager

Using Thrive Themes and Architect, I was building whole websites for clients and internal projects. Helping around with some graphic design.

Achievements: Mastered making WordPress websites using Thrive Architect and all relevant plugis for best website’ performance.

Company Testimonial:

” Maya is an extremely dedicated team member who delivers quality designs. She is very talented
and also a lovely person to have as part of the team. We highly recommend her!”
– Gabriel Both, Founder & CEO, Elemental Edge Digital

Inteli Solutions

Website Designer

Working on UI/UX designs for web and mobile applications.


Website Designer

Working on UI solutions for internal web apps and client websites and transforming them into HTML/CSS/Bootstrap code or WordPress website. Working on graphics for website purposes.

Achievements: Mastered working in WordPress using Divi builder and working with CSS/SASS and Bootstrap. Sneak peak to Vue.js