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Simplest Google Fonts pairing collection

Your designs can be easily improved with just one small step. Adding more attention to the typography you use is what you’d like to consider as soon as possible.  Why? A smart choice of the font face will change the perspective and the motive of your designs. And deffinitelly improve the voice of the medium (website, illustration, etc) and how the viewers understand it.

Simplest Google Fonts pairing collection

Why choose Google Fonts?

I belong to the group of designers that prefer using Google Fonts for various reasons. First of all, these fonts are free for commercial use. This is very important for me because most of my clients can’t understand the impact of choosing a good font face. For that cause, I have to make sure the fonts I use are royalty-free fonts and won’t cost my clients any penalties.

Next reason would be the implementation of the font to the actual website. These fonts are very easy to implement, so the development team will love you more. No need of uploading to the server too. Just a simple <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”>” link is enough to have them on your website.

Google Fonts have feature where you can restrict some set of characters that you won’t be using on your website, which reduces the loading time by a lot.  Of user experience point of view, this is +1 for you.

 By time, Google increases the list with very good quality fonts. Also many popular font faces appear to be part of the Google Fonts family. 


Best Google Fonts pairing


I chose to present you the simplest Google Fonts pairings just because I think simple is perfect. For those of you that just started designing, these pairs of fonts are okay either for website or web applications. Take a look 👇

Raleway is awesome for your headings

Open Sans is readable and perfect for your body text.

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Roboto is awesome for your headings

Raleway appears a good choice for a body text too. Clean and readable.

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Arvo is awesome for your headings

Lato is readable and good for your body text. But the Lato Light is perfect.

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Oxygen is awesome for your headings

Fira Sans is thin and elegant. It looks a good choice for your body text.

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Playfair Display is awesome for your headings

Noto Sans is also one of the most readable choice you can get for your body text.

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Montserrat is awesome for your headings

Karla is sans-serif fonts that are perfect for body text and elsewhere. I love it.

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We are wrapping things up!

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