Maja Mileska UI/UX Designer

Font Size Guide

Hate maths? Been there, done that.

But after years of working as a designer, I see that I have many calculations to do. Instead of struggling as I did, get your Font Sizing formula book just by subscribing to my email.

Love you!

Why do you need this font size guide?

Whatever you design, you have to keep the consistency for the colors, for the shapes, and for the fonts of course. This font size guide contains the formulas/equations I use to detect what size should heading be.

Developers adore the designers that do their job properly. I’ve been on the developer side too. And I was surprised that designers didn’t know how to set the right font sizes right.

So, I thought I could share my scheme. Vey EASY and memorable.

I want you to grow babe ♥

Keep up the good work.