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The Resource Center

All cool materials you need to straighten your designer skills and thrive in your design career.


Get your special superpowers – making everything beautiful. Free and premium webinars and design workshops for every level of knowledge.


Font Sizing guide

Hate maths? I did it for you. This is my guide of how to find out how much should be the size of your fonts. Get the secret font size book over here.


Design & Focus Spotify Playlist

Trust my bestie! These few instrumental picks changed my inspiration spans from 20 minutes to 55 minutes. Changing environment = more creativity.


Design guide in Xd (Stylebook)

Bestie, prepping a stylebook for the devs and for the client and be BORING! But I prepared it for you for FREE, of course! You get in Xd.

Iconscout Illustrations library

Babe, I am constantly updating my profile with cool 3D web elements. Whether free or premium, you will love them all. Just find me on iconscout.com

I also teach UI/UX lessons♥

If you are here to see some examples, motivation about design, I am 100% dedicated to bringing new qualitative faces in the design world.